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About Safeer Al Bee’ah

The generation of electricity is one of the largest source of Carbon Dioxide emission, which in turn leads to Global Warming.

At any one time in most households an average of 8 appliances are left on stand-by. (Stand-by is an appliance’s “off” setting, but the appliance continues to use about 85% of the energy it uses while on—often so that it can listen for signals from remote controls.)

It is a harsh yet inescapable fact that our environmental survival is dependent on a fundamental change in old, wasteful habits. Our planet and our nation simply cannot sustain the levels of consumption, emission and waste that have prevailed in recent years. Every single one of us has a part to play in that change.

At Safeer Al Bee’ah we have understood this very important fact that every individual has to play an important role in saving the environment, through sustainable living.

Keeping this in mind, we have developed our first application “Safeer Al Bee’ah” with the aim to cultivate the habit of saving energy. This application is targeted at school children of UAE.

Safeer Al Bee’ah is an Arabic term that translates in English to “Green Ambassadors”